Jeremy Walker Freelance web developer

I hand craft website and web application solutions that are simple, reliable and easy to use.

I specialise in web development with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

I work with small to medium businesses, as well as with web development and design agencies, to create a bespoke quality product to match their unique requirements.


Custom web development


Frequently used tools
Back-end development
PHP Frameworks
Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
Front-end development
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Content management systems
SilverStripe, Magento


I can provide you a comprehensive web development service, and collaborate with you to create a solution which is objective driven, and uniquely tailored to your requirements.


I can provide a full development service, fill a specific development role, or just lend an extra hand to help carry the load. I can fit into your team and your workflow, wherever needed.

Could I help with your upcoming web project? Let's work together.

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